The Vallone family

As long as memory and written records can be of help, the history of the Vallone Family has always been intertwined with that of wine, just as the vine intertwines with wood.

A story entwined in the vine

Multiple generations of the Vallone family have dedicated their time, lives, and passion to the vineyards and their fruits. Stefano Vallone, as well as his father Vito and great-grandfather before him.

A precious land

In the 1980s, Vito Vallone and his son Stefano discovered the hidden uniqueness beneath the rocky surface of the Contrade Valso and San Nicola, along with the ancient village of Permenino in the territory of Alcamo.

The land possessed such valuable components that it deserved special care: they purchased the land, cleared it from the rocky skeleton, and began producing delicious wine grapes exclusively for social wineries.

A young wind

A few decades later, Stefano Vallone passed on the family mission to his sons Gabriele, Vito, and Fabio, who proved instrumental in transforming the production. The wines of the Vallone family were born, along with Tenute Valso.

A young wind brought new grape varieties and knowledge to the territories of Tenute Valso: Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Perricone, Zibibbo, and Syrah, along with the classic and timeless Catarratto, the native grape variety and heart of the company, used to produce Alcamo DOC.

Today, receiving the torch from their father, Gabriele takes care of the technical and oenological activities, while his brother Fabio leads the agronomic operations.