Grillo - Sicilia D.O.C.

On the nose, it is fruity and floral, with hints of white peach, mango, and predominantly grapefruit. The flowers are white like orange blossoms and yellow like elderflowers, similar to those of broom.


Perfect with Sicilian seafood pasta, excellent with prawns, sardines, and fish couscous.

Vastedda del Belice cheese, ricotta, Aeolian salad, fish tartare for a pre-dinner snack.

Grilled red prawns, sardines “a beccafico” style, Sicilian-style stuffed squid, sardine timbale.


During the reduction phase, we begin with destemming and crushing, followed by a gentle pressing under the presence of inert gas and static sedimentation at low temperature.

After the inoculation of selected yeasts, the must ferments at a temperature of 17°C – 18°C.

The wine undergoes aging in stainless steel tanks, with the fine lees being gently stirred on a weekly basis for 4 months. We then proceed with the bottling process.

The birth of Venus

Aphor, it denotes the foam from which, it is said, the divinity was born from the sea.

This scenario is translated onto the label, showing us on one side the sea itself, which in its breaking waves becomes the producer of “fertile” foam, and on the other side the goddess, elegant and statuesque in her beauty, born from that foam.